Search error in EF

EF didn’t find a record that met the search criteria. I chose records tagged with “scales” that contained the word “responsiveness.” EF found 9 records (of 14,062) but missed at least one. In case the record was damaged, I re-uploaded it into EF, but the same thing occurred.

What happens if you add that document to a new, empty test library and search for it there?

In a test library, searches pick up those records no matter how I look for them.

That sounds like the search index is damaged. You can get EagleFiler to rebuild the index by holding down the Command and Option keys as you open the library.

Yes — that worked.

What causes the search index to get damaged?
Something I did?

Is there a way to know when this happens?

It could be caused by something you did, e.g. sharing/syncing the index file between two Macs and writing to it from both at once or force-quitting EagleFiler while it was writing to the index. Or it could be bad luck, e.g. a problem with the drive it’s stored on, a crash or power failure while it was writing to the index, an OS bug.

If the index is very damaged, EagleFiler won’t be able to open it and will report an error. For minor damage, there is unfortunately no way to tell other than incorrect results.