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Search in Notes?


I seem to have trouble searching notes. I just inputted a note and I cannot seem to find it using the search. I tried quitting and restarting EF, to no avail. When I look at the note, it is there, but it does not appear when searching.

(To make sure it was not a folder problem I tried searching with the selection on the note, and it was the same.)

Notes should be searchable so long as you have Anywhere or Notes selected in the search field menu and the record containing the note is visible in the list while you are searching. It’s possible that the search index is damaged. You could reset it by quitting EagleFiler and then deleting the file:


(where you access the contents of the .eflibrary by Control-clicking and using Show Package Contents)

On the left of the search box, there is a little magnifying glass with an arrow. If you click on that it will limit your search to certain parts of the files, title, notes, etc.

If you click on that magnifying glass, what does it say? If you change it to “Anywhere” does it find your note?

I was doing the search using “Notes”. I just tried with “Anywhere”, and it’s the same. I did delete the Notes.efindex which then got rebuilt at next start, but it’s still not working.

Any other suggestion?


PS: the text I’m searching is “CamlGrenouille”, if it matters.

Have you tried searching for other words? If search query doesn’t exactly match a whole word in the note, then it won’t find anything. You can get around this problem by adding wildcards, e.g. searching for “CamlGrenouille”.

Which source do you have selected when searching?

Could you send the Notes.efindex file and the log file ~/Library/Logs/EagleFiler/EagleFiler.log to eaglefiler@c-command.com?

Ah, it’s the “whole word search” that bit me. I’m so used to partial word search that I did not think of this.

Sorry for the false alarm.

EagleFiler 1.2 adds a Rebuild Indexes command so that you don’t have to access the .efindex files directly, and it adds an option (enabled by default) to search for partial words without having to type wildcards.