Search only in Gmail Labels


I’m new to EagleFiler but I really like the software. So I imported my Gmail Takeout File into EagleFiler and it works really well. Search is fast and works well. But I have one question, I want to search after Gmail Labels, as I noticed and read in the Release Notes, these are in the Index so search works. My Problem is, I want to search only the X-Gmail-Labels and nothing else to create some Intelligent Folders. But I can only search for the Labels itself and it finds also the Mails that contain the label name somewhere else. Is there a way to restricted the search to only the mail header?

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That’s not currently possible for the X-Gmail-Labels header. Perhaps in the future we can add support for that or convert the Gmail labels into EagleFiler tags.

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Thanks for the answer. Converting the Gmail labels into EagleFiler tags would be the best solution and solve my problems. So I hope for the future version.

Thanks a lot.