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Search results not sorted from most to least

Hello, I’m trying EF after DEVONnote developers retired it.
Search results are sporadic, not sorted from most mentioned searched keyword to the least, the way it’s done in DN. In DN there is a separate column “score” which appears with the search results, showing a coloured line with most mentioned keyword to the least(without color).
Looked in Preferences but nothing there.

Currently, EagleFiler search results are sorted by whichever column the records list was sorted by before the search. I’d like to add support for sorting by relevance/score in a future version.

ok, thanks!
Having search results sorted by score/relevance is extremely helpful and saves a lot of time finding necessary information. It is one of the most effective features if not The most effective.

Actually, this single feature, the efficient search, for me and I think for most users is The most important one. I have thousands of notes, articles etc. and to find the right piece of information using one keyword in a mater of seconds is wow…I hope in the next version it will be implemented. I’ll be waiting :wink:
Thank you very much!