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Search syntax

I am trying to search for items with tag X and not tag Y. Is this possible?

Sorry, but there’s no way to do that with the current search syntax. However, you can do it as a multi-step process using a temporary tag T. Go to the X tag source and Select All, then use Batch Change (or drag and drop) to add tag T to all the records. Then go to the T tag source and do a Tags search for Y. Select All and press Delete. Now T will contain all the records with tag X but not tag Y.

Any plans to add this capability in the future? Or extend search functionality in general? Supporting any field:match in combination with operators would be very useful. Like tag:X | (tag:Y & !filename:Z).

It’d also be really useful to be able to save searches hierarchically in the source list, maybe with extra options to set what to do when files are dragged onto them (ex: add tags X Y Z, file under A/B).

I’m planning to add Mail-style smart folders in the source list. There will probably also be enhancements to the search syntax.

As of EagleFiler 1.4, you can do this by creating a smart folder.