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Search within a selected file

Hello Michael and the EagleFiler community,

It turns out that I answered my own question: How to search within a selected file (specifically a Web Archive)?

(I also found this thread after the fact and this one)

  1. Select a file
  2. CMD-F to access the Find/Replace dialog box
  3. Type in the Find search term AND CLICK NEXT*

*Pressing Return or Enter (unexpectedly to me) closes the dialog box, so it is necessary to click next multiple times to find all instances of the Find term.

Based on this, I would request that the behavior of the Find/Replace dialog box be changed to leave it open after pressing Return or Enter.

Alternatively, I would request that the toolbar be customizable for both a global and local search field? It is late, and my dissertation progress is clouding my mind on this rainy/snowy Sunday morning, so thanks for the program!

Closing the Find panel is the standard Mac OS X behavior.

I plan to integrate the local Find stuff into the window itself, like in recent versions of Mail and Safari.