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Searching email archive and other items in library

I can import mail messages without trouble but no matter what approach I take to importing them, they seem to end up in ‘mail box’ files in EF. I can open the file and search through the messages in the file.

But if I have other items in the EF library (some PDFs, say) I can’t seem to search across BOTH the PDFs and mail messages. For example: what are all the references either in my emails or in the PDF documents to ‘Tolstoy’? I can find all the references in the documents. But nothing in the emails unless I search specifically inside the mail box file.

Am I doing something wrong here? Isn’t EF supposed to search across all files in the library?

Sorry… just saw this thread that seems to suggest that the ‘search into mailbox’ function would come in Version 1.1. Is this still on the list of ‘to dos’?


I believe that thread is referring to the Show > Messages in Tag Sources feature that was added in 1.1. This allows you to, for example, click on “unread” in the source list and view/search all the unread files and e-mail messages. A feature to easily search everything at once is on my to-do list. At present, you can do this by selecting the library and all the mailboxes in the source list.

EagleFiler 1.1.4 added a Show > Messages in Library Source option that lets you search the entire contents of the library when the Library source is selected.