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Searching with tags and capitalization

I saw the earlier thread about searching anywhere not automatically including tags. I too would like to add a feature request that search anywhere includes tags by default.

The other issue with tags is that searching is dependent upon capitalization. This seems to be at odds with other searches where capitalization does not make a difference. I would rather that a tag search not worry about capitalization. I’m using Default Folder X to add tags as I save the file. Then when I import into Eaglefiler, the tags are automatically. However, a side affect is that I’m not always sure if a tag is capitalized or not. If folks think capitalization is important in tag searches then maybe provide a preference to this on or off

Well, this is because at present it’s possible to have tag names that differ only in capitalization.

I’m not familiar with that feature of Default Folder. Is it possible for you to use a convention, e.g. to always make tag names lowercase?

Looks like a nice feature… Just out of curiosity, how are you getting the tags from the Spotlight Comments into EF?

What I’m doing is using DefaultFolder X to save the file to a folder called “to tag” DefaultFolder X allows me to add information for the spotlight comments as I’m saving. Every few days I’ll import those files from my “to tag” folder into EagleFiler. During the import process EagleFiler will ask me what to do with the spotlight comments. One of the options is to turn the comments into tags.

I know Michael is working on a way to add tags as the file is imported. When this works I hope to be able to save a file to the special auto import folders of EagleFiler and have my tags added near the time of saving. To me the best time to add tags to a file is when saving it. At that point, I’m throughly familiar with the file and am able to generate a meaningful set of tags.

With EagleFiler 1.4, Anywhere searches also search the tags. If you have Match Partial Words checked (the default), the search is not dependent on capitalization.