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Searching within multiple merged mailboxes

Hi there.

Over the years, I have created several “merged mailboxes” from selected mailboxes and email from Apple Mail.
These mailbox files are located under different folders in the Source list.

Is it possible to do a single search, that looks inside ALL of these merged mailboxes in my library.
Or, do I always have to select an individual merged mailbox, and perform the search within each mailbox?

Hopefully I am being clear in asking my question. Its very wordy :slight_smile:

There are several things you can do:

  1. If Show ‣ Messages in Records Source is checked, you can select the Records source and then search everything at once.
  2. You can Command-click to select multiple mailboxes and then search those at once.
  3. You can put certain mailboxes in a folder and use a smart folder to search those mailboxes. To do this, create a smart folder, select the folder from the Search inside
    menu, make sure mailboxes is checked, and select Every record for the criterion. Then you can click on the smart folder to show all the messages (from those mailboxes) and do a single search of all of them.