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Second Mac Setup....same as first?

Set up Spamsieve which is working well on my main machine, an iMac and wonder if I should use the same setup procedure for my Macbook Pro, which is used less often.

I use iCloud to keep everything in sync, including iPhone and iPad.

Thanks in advance


Please see Using SpamSieve With Multiple Macs.

Second Mac Solutions

Thanks for the quick reply with link. The four options presented in the link are a bit kludgy at best with the advent of cloud syncing, etc.

Running a mac at home constantly during summer thunderstorms is not a healthy practice.

Is is possible to send the Spamsieve coding elves back to the workroom to develop a syncing feature that would take care of multiple macs more elegantly?

With products like Dropbox, Pocket, and Evernote all offering total sync solutions, is it not reasonable to expect Spamsieve to follow suit?

Is such a solution a possibility? Secondly, #4 says “being careful to only let one copy of SpamSieve run at a time”…what happens if you do let both run very occasionally during say some Airdropping? Just lost accuracy?



Yes, that’s what I’d like to do with a future version of SpamSieve. The linked page describes what the options are today.

Yes, there is the chance of reduced accuracy because of incorrect auto-training.