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Second User on my Mac

Since updating to Catalina Spamsieve works well on my email account but it fails to catch any Spam on my wife’s email account which is on my Mac how do I fix this. It has worked for her in the past.

Is her mail account in Apple Mail alongside your mail account? Or is it in a separate macOS user account? Either way, you should probably start by checking the setup of whichever mail client she’s using.

her account is on Apple Mail alongside my Apple mail account with a separate MAC OS account log in. I have checked all the recommended settings for Apple Mail they are the same on both my account and her account.

OK, please send in a diagnostic report, and I’ll take a closer look.

Diagnostic Report
/Users/davidjustice/Desktop/SpamSieve Diagnostic Report.tbz

Problem Solved
OK I have found the problem the Spamsieve Rule had dropped out at the last update of OS. Thanks for your help