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Select a folder bug?

I’m sorting through my imported Adium logs, and at some point I wanted to select a folder I had emptied to delete it. It seems that I always select the name of the folder.

To reproduce:

  • if the folder is greyed out, click on it
  • folder name becomes editable, click again
  • folder name stays editable (after a very short “selected” time)
  • click somewhere else, folder loses focus (i.e. “delete” will not send it to Trash)

-> the only way to have focus without editing the name is clicking on another folder then back on the one wanted.

It seems to be a new bug in 1.1.

Thanks for the report. It looks like this is a bug introduced while adding single-click editing. If the source list doesn’t have focus, the click should give it focus without taking it into edit mode.

You can work around this problem by Control-clicking on the folder and choosing “Move to Trash” or by moving focus to the source list by pressing Tab. You can also press Return to take it out of edit mode.

Fixed in EagleFiler 1.1.1.