Select one message in thread to Train as Spam

I have a spam message that got through the filter.[1] Unfortunately, a number of people replied to the spam, and those were added to the thread by

If I select the original spam mail and select Train as Spam, the whole thread gets marked as spam and moved to Junk. I assume that the whole thread was used to train as spam.

How do I select only one message in a thread to mark/train as spam?


MacBook Pro M2
Ventura 13.6.3
Apple Mail 16.0
SpamSieve 3.0.3

[1] Fake Best Buy GeekSquad invoice

You can check SpamSieve’s Log window to see which messages got trained. If any messages were incorrectly trained, you can fix that by training them as good in that window.

Within Apple Mail, selecting the initial message in the thread is treated as selecting the entire thread. This applies to Mail’s own commands (moving, flagging messages), not just to SpamSieve. This is not the case if you select one of the replies. So in this case you could select the replies and train them as good, and the spam message would remain spam.

If this happens again, and you only want to train the initial message, you could temporarily turn off View ‣ Organize by Conversation.

Aha. Thanks for the background, and the two methods to work around Mail’s thread handling.

Now to mark an annoying spam.