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Selecting Tags at the bottom of the screen not possible

I am not able to apply tags at the bottom of the screen when EF is maximised, the selectable tags scroll outside of the screen as in the attached vid. Is this a known issue?

Typing the tags should work, but, yes, there is a known issue with the auto-complete menu and the tags bar. It should be popping up above the text field when near the bottom of the screen. I filed a bug with Apple, but as they don’t seem to be fixing this, my plan is to reorganize the window so that the tags aren’t at the bottom. A potential workaround, if you want the auto-completion in this situation, is to use the Batch Change command.

Thanks, I am also getting used to the tag cloud - a really mighty instrument - , but as I am currently cleaning up a huge collection of items collected from Evernote, Devonthink and the Finder it’s far too tiny with a couple hundred tags. So I will go with the batch change.