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Send trained Spam Messages straight to trash please

I have been using Spam Sieve for a few years now and it works great. I have it set to move spam directly to trash instead of to the Spam folder. When it occasionally misses something which I then train as spam, I would like it to send the trained mesage to the trash folder and not to the Spam folder by default so I can avoid the annoying and pointless quad click dance of train - > go to spam folder - > delete message - > empty trash.

If you’re using Apple Mail, you can use the Change Settings command to tell it to move trained spam messages directly to the trash (Deleted Items).

Gosh that’s perfect. Can’t believe I never saw that setting. Thank you so much!

Please clarify whether it only would move the instant message(s) being Trained as Spam or also all messages that had already been put in the Spam folder based on previously established training (i.e., those without the instant training of an instant message(s)).

In my case, I wouldn’t want any pre-trained-as-Spam message(s) to be moved to the Trash as it’s my practice to review all messages that are in the Spam folder to ensure none got there as a False Spam. And that’s not because my previous training was wrong for one or more previous messages, but because in hindsight I see a new message in Spam that deserved to be Good and, thus to be Trained as Good. I wouldn’t want to have to review everything in my Trash–which incudes many more messages that I wished to read and only after that, and often a long period of time, had chosen to delete them—to ferret out one or more that came through as a False Spam.


This particular setting is only for when you select a batch of messages and manually train them as spam.

Thanks. One follow-up question: With that settings command enabled to tell it to move instantly trained spam message(s) directly to the trash (Deleted Items), is that instant training saved as part of the Rules that will apply when later, new, messages arrive?


I’m not sure I understand the question. It doesn’t change what the training does, only where the selected messages are moved. The training will still update the corpus and rules according to your settings in the preferences.

“The training will still update the corpus and rules according to your settings in the preferences.”

Thanks; that is the reply that I hope for.