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Sending mails does not work often

since updating to SpamSieve 2.9.34 today (but not to Mojave 14.1) e-mails often are not sent or often are sent very slowly. I’m not sure if SpamSieve is responsible for that behavior but that’s the only thing a changed within the last days.
Does anyone else have the problem?
Regards, Ulf

Are you using Apple Mail?

I’m not sure what’s going on here either. It seems unlikely that SpamSieve is responsible because:

  • SpamSieve has never had any involvement with sending messages.
  • The changes in the 2.9.34 version of the Mail plug-in were very minor.
  • None of the beta testers noticed this problem.
  • The vast majority of SpamSieve users do not seem to be having this problem.

However, there have been four of you that did report this issue right after updating, and not all using the same mail server. One said that it went away when he restarted his Mac, so really only three. But enough for me to think that maybe there is something going on here related to SpamSieve.

My questions/suggestions are as follows:

  1. What happens when the messages are not sent? Does Mail report an error?
  2. Does the problem occur with all your mail accounts? Or only iCloud?
  3. While the messages are trying to send, please record a sample log and save a diagnostic report and send them in.
  4. If you go to Window ‣ Connection Doctor in Mail, does it show any problems?
  5. Does it help if you restart your Mac in safe mode?
  6. Does the problem still occur if you uncheck the SpamSieve rule in Mail and disable the plug-in in the Manage Plug-ins… sheet? If not, does it come back if you re-enable the plug-in?
  7. Does it help if you do a manual “update” to the previous version, SpamSieve 2.9.33, tell it to install its plug-in, and enable it?

The problem yesterday was not solved after rebooting - but today I upgraded to Mojave 14.1 and the first e-mails sent made no problems. If somethings changes I will write a reply.
Yesterday sending was not possible with different mail accounts (me.com and others).

Thanks for the report. I’ve since heard from two other customers that it started working again today (without making any changes). And for another customer the problem only applies to an iCloud account and was not resolved by switching back to SpamSieve 2.9.33. So I’m not sure what caused multiple people to run into these issues at the same time, but they do not seem to be caused by SpamSieve 2.9.34.

The iCloud status page now shows an outage last night:

iCloud SMTP Issue.png

although it did not report any issues at the time. So that probably explains what most people were seeing.