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Serial Number not accepted

When I enter my serial number in the space provided in the purchase window and click on personalize, a window appears saying that “Incorrect Serial Number”. However, this is the serial number I was given. What am I doing wrong?


Here are some possibilities:

  1. You did not enter the “Serial Number Name” that was sent to you. The name must match the serial number.
  2. You aren’t entering the serial number exactly as shown; try using copy and paste or clicking the “x-spamsieve” link that was e-mailed to you.
  3. You are trying to enter the serial number into SpamSieve, but you actually purchased a different product. Your order confirmation e-mail states which product you purchased, and SpamSieve serial numbers begin with “spam”.

‘Serial Number not accepted’
I tried entering the serial number again following your directions. This time it worked.

Thank your for your help.