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Services in finder utilize command + /

Import with options shortcut is command + / and I don’t know how to use it, since to write / I use shift + 7.

I’m sure this is an obvious question but I really don’t know how to…

Thanks for your precious help.


Which keyboard layout are you using? The EagleFiler: Import With Options service has a default shortcut of ⌘⌥!, which on a U.S. English keyboard is Command-Option-Shift-1. You can also change this in System Settings.

If you’re importing from Finder, you an also use the Capture with options hotkey instead of the system service if you want.

Thanks Michael!
I’m using PT Layout. This service appears on the meu of finder but not on the system setings/keyboard… weird I think


Sorry the service is under “Text”… I’ve changed as recommended and it works fine.



There’s any issue with the importing service for Apple Mail?


I don’t think Apple Mail provides access to the messages via services. I recommend importing using EagleFiler’s capture key or other means.

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