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Set Default Font?

Now that we have inline editing, would it be particularly bloaty to add a command to set to default font, such that you could set any editable text to the default rtf style? I honestly don’t know, since I don’t know how many people are obsessive reformatters like I am.

another vote here (fellow obsessive reformatter)

please count this to be another vote — thanks


I’m a reformatter, too, so you’re in luck. :slight_smile: Command-Shift-P seems reasonable to me, but I’d like to know what shortcut other apps use for the Reset Formatting command. Word uses Control-Spacebar, but that doesn’t seem very Mac-like to me. As I recall, long ago various word processors called the command “Plain” and used Command-T, but on OS X that’s reserved for the font panel.

will it be possible to set fonts as well as the ruler/tabs to a pre-defined setting then?

Could you be more specific? I could make it reset the ruler, but that might not be what you want. The ruler settings apply to the entire paragraph, so it’s not clear to me that the ruler should be changed if you only have, say, a sentence selected.

I think what he’s asking is to essentially change default font to default style, with default ruler, spacing, etc. settings in addition to face.

yep - that’s exactly what I meant, thanks. In addition to using my own font setting, I also use a specific tabs-setting. Allowing both to be set and applied to selected texts would be really nice.

OK. Seems like an interface challenge to provide a way for you to specify all this stuff.

Literature and Latte’s Scrivener does it like this. Basically he’s just put a full cocoa text view in the prefs and lets the user tweak it however they like. Then again—there are more buttons and controls on that one pane than there are in the entire prefs for EagleFiler. It might be too much.

Yeah, I’d like to avoid adding preferences except for things that I expect a lot of people will want to configure. Suppose I made Reset Formatting just reset the font, but I also added a way to use your own template file (with ruler, styles, etc. already setup) when creating a new rich text document. Would that address your needs? Or do you really need to be able to reset the ruler of individual selections of text that was created outside of EagleFiler?

I’m dense. Since that’s the File > Page Setup… shortcut I’m not sure what you’re suggesting it’s reasonable for.

I forgot it was the shortcut for Page Setup. Any other suggestions? Command-Option-P goes well with the Command-Option-L for Highlight, but it’s already the shortcut (as in Mail) for showing the plain-text version of an e-mail. I guess Command-Option-Shift-P is free, but that’s four keys.

I’ve never used Page Setup… so its shortcut is wasted on me and it’s no personal loss (and a potential gain) if EagleFiler uses it for something else. And, for what it’s worth (or not), NetNewsWire steals shift-command-P for its Post to Weblog shortcut. However, I also appreciate retaining consistency with default shortcuts across apps even when it’s tempting not to.

Discussions like this about shortcuts always remind me of John Gruber’s Losers, Weepers article on the topic. Four years later and still no improvements, e.g. ideas summarized in the last paragraph of John’s article. And it’s just getting uglier with more apps and limited shortcuts, for developers and end users.

I’d rather someone who’s requesting this feature would be making suggestions instead of me carrying on about it. :slight_smile: