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Set up of the mail accounts in Apple mail

In part 4.6.2 I read: For each IMAP account that you have, go to the Advanced tab of Mail’s Accounts preferences and make sure that Keep copies of messages for offline viewing is set to All messages and their attachments. This will prevent Mail from having to download the same content multiple times. However I do’nt find on my Macbook the place I have to install this (see the annexe).

From the time on I use Spamsieve it is as I receive more spam instead of less. I delete the messages in the Spam folder. Is this ok or is it necessary this not to do.
I use version 2.9.23 of Spamsieve.

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That section is for Mac OS X 10.8 and earlier. It looks like you have a later version, so you can ignore that section.

Yes, it’s fine to delete spam messages in the Spam mailbox.