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Setting a mac drone


I’ve been using SpamSieve for a few months and want to set up a drone on a mac mini so I can be away from home. I am often away for weeks at a time.

I tried to follow the instructions and have set up two spam folders in each of the accounts I have. One is an iCloud account and one is an IMAP.

WHen i tried running the downloadable script it seems to be falling over with the application of the rules. I think it may have to do with the way i’m typing the account names ? I’m not very good with that kind of scripting and wasn’t sure about the which brackets should be used. For example in the default there are () but in the example in the manual it seems to use the {} style brackets…

Is there anyway someone could spell out exactly how that text should be ?

Thanks !


Are you referring to the Apple Mail - Remote Training script?

I’m not sure what you are referring to. Please post quotes/references to the “the default” and “the manual” where those bracket styles are used.

Hi michael.

Thanks for getting back to me and sorry it’s taken so long to respond.

I’m having trouble with the actual syntax I think. I have the scripts in place but when i read the documents for the apple script, I’m not exactly sure of how the wording should be to make it work…at the moment it’s reporting a syntax error…

Thanks !


Could you post the part of the script that you modified?

Will do Michael, but won’t be home now for a few months !