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Setting folder that Spam goes to


Sorry for such a dumb query, but I can’t seem to get Spam to go to the correct folder. We are running an old MacMini 24/7 just to host the awesome SpamSieve program. The MacMini is so old that SpamSieve is version 2.9.6, Mail is 2.1.3, and the OS is 10.4.11. My wife never logs onto the MacMini; all of her e-mail interaction is done in Safari or on her iPhone. SpamSieve puts the spam into a folder named “Spam” that seems to live only on the MacMini. Here is the folder hierarchy:
Trash (with “On My Mac” and “MobileMe” within it)
MobileMe (with a zillion subfolders within, including one named “Spam”)

How can I get SpamSieve/Mail to put her spam into the Spam folder within MobileMe, NOT the one that seems to live on the MacMini? I’ve tried deleting the MacMini Spam folder, but it just reappears as new Spam comes in. If spam goes to the Spam folder on MobileMe, she can then occasionally peruse that and retrain the rare FalsePositives as needed.

Thank you very much!

Please see Using a Spam Mailbox on the Server.

Great. Thank you! I really appreciate your wonderful product and awesome support.