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Setting up the All Junk mailbox

How did you set up one junk folder to receive all spam / junk?

Please see the bottom of this page.

I am unable to create an All Junk folder in favorites
I have All Sent, All inboxes, all flagged, and all drafts
In the accounts the only option for junk is on my mac

Do you have more than one account configured in Mail that is not a POP account?

Is the problem that you can’t select All Junk in the SpamSieve rule, too? Or only that you can’t add it to Mail’s sidebar under Favorites?

I have multiple IMAP accounts. No POP accounts
My problem is that I can find no way to create an All Junk mailbox in favorites, (or any other mailbox) in favorites.
I can create mailboxes On My Mac and in each of my accounts, but no way to select “Favorites” when seeking a location on using the “New Mailbox” menu

I don’t think you need to create anything in Favorites in order to set up the SpamSieve rule as shown.

You can add to the Favorites section in the sidebar by moving the cursor over Favorites and then clicking the + that’s in a circle.

Thank you. Works as advertised
Sorry if I was a little dense