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several email are getting through to my in box


I have just installed SpamSieve and it is doing its job well so far,
but several Spam emails that seem to incorporate my email address as part of the sender are being missed.
They have targeted my three email addresses and so appear to come from them.
The only other sender information is within the email as Jonah@uk-job-positon.net

Is there any way of stopping these?

Please see the How do I make SpamSieve catch spams sent from my own address? page.

spam emails from my own email address
thankyou for the info.
I have followed all the advice in your manual.
One thing - how do you add more than one email address to the ‘ME’ card in address book? I think I have done this correctly ( not in the phone sections),
however the spam emails sent from these two addresses still seems to be arriving in the IN box.

When you have Address Book in edit mode, there’s a green + button that you can use to add additional e-mail addresses.

What does SpamSieve’s log say about those messages?

and should adding all the emails to the ME card sort the problem,
or is there something else I should be doing?

It depends on whether the Me card was the problem (and the only problem). If the spams are still getting through after fixing the Me card, you would need to look in the log to determine the next step.