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Share Apple (BT) Mouse with M1-MacMini + M1-MacBookPro

I have an the Apple BT Mouse (yeah yeah, I know people hate it) and it’s paired to both my M1-Mini and my M1-MBP. I have ToothFairy installed on both macOS machines; each are running macOS 12.3.1.

When I tap the TF menubar icon to pause the connection on either (eg: M1-Mini), the mouse doesn’t pair on the M1-MBP. I’ve even tried using the native macOS BT menubar to force-connect the mouse. No go. Eventually, after about minute, the Apple mouse re-connects to the originating Mac, in this example the M1-Mini.

This is the expected behavior because:

  1. The Magic Mouse (except for the first-generation model) can only pair with one Mac at a time.
  2. It’s not possible to connect a Bluetooth device that is not paired.

To connect it to the other Mac you would need to first pair it with that Mac.

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Michael, thank you. Of course, I did pre-pair :slight_smile: it for my test. It did not work for the reasons you say in bullet one.