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Should a RTF capture also capture the URL?

I have the ImportTextAsWebArchive Preference setting set to import in RTF(D) so using ‘cmd-%’ on an extraction from Safari’s Reader captures as RTFD, but does not capture the URL. Is this the norm or should it capture the URL?

Carl Davis Jr

To be precise, this is called using the “EagleFiler: Import” service. The capture key is something different. Both settings for ImportTextAsWebArchive will ordinarily save the source URL, however neither will when importing the selected text from Safari’s Reader. This is because Reader displays the article in a special Web layer that does not have a real URL.

Thanks. Wonder if there could be a workaround to capture the url like DevonTHINK does when capturing a Safari Reader page as a RTF document?

EagleFiler 1.5.4 can do this.