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Show Record Viewer Not Working

Hi folks.

Any suggestions to why the “Show Record Viewer” command is not working in the latest version of EF.
I’m unable to select it from the VIEW menu or turn it on from a keyboard shortcut.

I created a Smart Folder to look for a specific tag in a mailbox directory.
However, the associated files cannot be found since the only item displayed in the left hand pane, is a single mailbox.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve not heard any other reports of problems with Show Record Viewer. Is it checked or unchecked in the menu? Enabled (black text) or disabled (gray text)?

Are you able to drag and drop the divider itself to show the viewer?

Does this relate at all to “Show Record Viewer”?

I’m not exactly sure what you are expecting to see. The smart folder should show the matching records when the smart folder itself is selected. Nothing extra is supposed to be shown in the source list at the left.

I never heard back with more information about this problem, so I’m assuming that the issue is resolved.