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Show Statistics since, date not changing when set

When I show stats, I try to change the date using the Set date… button, press now button and the entry field now has the correct date, time. Press OK but the date shown in stats panel is still the old one. In other words the new date does not seem to be being applied.

Any ideas?

I’ve not seen this problem before. Does it occur with all dates or just “Now”? Which versions of SpamSieve and Mac OS X are you using?

Regional settings for date/time

Michael I have determined it is a problem caused by regional date/time settings. I am using OS X 10.8.2 AND SV 2.9.5

Please try UK date/time settings and you will see that Now puts in UK date format DD/MM/YYYY, but the entry field appears still to expect YYYY/MM/DD format.

Hopefully something that can be fixed fairly easily.

Thanks for that info. I think I now have an idea of what’s causing this behavior.

This should be fixed in SpamSieve 2.9.6.