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this may have been somewhere discussed, but search keeps failing on me ( I get empty page with "Castalian error: " on it and that is it.

May be someone remembers or knows.

So I moved a lot of my folders to EF libraries. However, I need access to the files through Finder too. So I’d like to have links to the folders with data in the sidebar. However, at this moment all of them are named “Files”. Not very helpful :slight_smile:

I tried renaming the folder “Files” to something meaningful and that broke EF functionality.

So, is there a solution? Seems like something which linking should solve? But how?



It looks like Yahoo shut down the search engine that we were using. However, you can use the Search button in the forum (not the one at the top of the page) to use the forum’s search engine.

You could rename the “Files” folder to “Your Favorite Name” and then create a symlink to it called “Files” so that EagleFiler knows where to find it.

Thanks Michael,

that works perfectly fine… Actually, let me rephrase: for those who understand difference between alias and symlink it works perfectly file.

For those of us who need more info (Google saved me again): they are not the same thing. Luckily for us, there is free service one can download : SymbolicLinker (2.0v3) which (after easily installed) will (as right click option) create for any folder you want the symlink painlessly (no terminal commands needed!). Looks exactly as alias, but is much more for the unix under the hood of OSX.

With this I have solved my problems and I wish you - especially Michael - good night.

Thanks a lot.


With EagleFiler 1.5.5 it works with both symlinks and aliases.