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Signifying a filtered folder

Frequently I think to myself ‘I’m sure there are files in that empty folder’ and then realise it is filtered by a term in the search box.

Not a priority at all (as somebody has said before - function before form) but could the fact that a folder is effectively filtered be signified in some way? Perhaps a slight change in colour of the background of the upper window or similar. I know I could just look up into search window - but useability is partly about removing those little jags before you realise you are doing something wrong.

I’ll see what I can do—thanks for the suggestion.

As of EagleFiler 1.2.4, the viewer says “No Matches For Search” in big letters if the records list is empty because of a search.

I’m still sometimes caught by this “empty folder” problem too. I think the problem is that my focus is on the Records List pane, not on the Record Viewer pane. I may not immediately see the “big letters” there any more than I immediately notice that the search box is not empty. I think the suggestion of coloring the background in the Records List pane (or some similar indication in that pane) is a good one. Or at least make the “big letters” red so that they visually “pop out” more.

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll experiment with that.

EagleFiler 1.4 shows the records list in yellow if it’s empty due to a search that found no matches, and it adds an esoteric preference for clearing the search field when you change sources.