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Simplified and Traditional Chinese Licence Agreements

Hi - a quick question regarding localised licence agreements.

I have a disk image that requires licence agreements localised for English, Simplified-Chinese (CN) and Traditional-Chinese (TW).

I can set up the disk image correctly, with distinct agreements, but the Simplified Chinese agreement is never presented - neither by the OS based on the default language, not by selecting the language via the pop-up when mounting the disk image (the pop-up only shows two languages). I suspect that this is a bug in MacOS, and it affects all the systems I have tried from 10.6 to 10.8.

Any suggestions as to how to work around this problem?

Many thanks,

– Mark


I’ve seen this behavior before, and I also think it’s due to an OS bug. It works properly with Mac OS X 10.5. Sorry, but I do not know of a direct workaround.