Since latest update, getting a lot (10+ daily) false spam assignments

SpamSieve is marking emails that aren’t spam as spam. This includes people in my contact list and mailing lists that I’m on. I’ve marked the same sender/mailing list/customer with “Train as Good.” But the same sender will appear in the Junk folder the next time they send email.

This is more or less coinciding with the last SpamSieve update, as far as I can tell. Latest Ventura 13.2

To the best of my knowledge, only SpamSieve is doing any spam filtering.

Since you’ve trained the messages as good, and also SpamSieve by default treats all messages from your contacts as good, most likely it is not SpamSieve that’s doing this. It’s probably a junk filter running on your mail server. There’s more information about that here.

My mail server (BlueHost) does do some spam filtering, but they add a tag:

and I have a rule that looks for that.

But you’re right, there is something else going on. I disabled SpamSieve and I’m still getting false negatives. I have no rules that would do this. But, it’s not a SpamSieve problem, so moving on. Thanks.

Do you have any other Macs accessing this mail account? Perhaps the SpamSieve rule is active on one of them.

No. Just on my primary Mac, which is running all the time. I’ve disabled everything - SpamSieve and the built-in Junk mail and it’s still happening. So, I have some troubleshooting to figure out.