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Size of image preview?

I just dropped some images (jpg) into EF, and the picture shown in the preview pane is tiny. Is there a way to make it bigger? (Using quicklook in EF shows a much bigger image…)

No. My guess is that EagleFiler is displaying it at the correct size, and that the problem is that the image has its internal size set differently than you’d like. Please see this thread. In the future, I may add an option to turn off “Respect image and screen DPI for scale,” like Preview has.

I guess this is the issue: the image is 1000 × 693 pixels but its DPI is 570 pixels/inch, so it’s less than 2 inches on the screen.

I’d love a “ignore DPI setting” option, as I have several images like this.

I just ran into this too… the ability to ignore the DPI information would be much appreciated.

I hate to revive up something so old but wanted to clarify a point for my own sake. I understand the internal size setting and it’d be great to have an option to ignore it. But I also think that the EagleFiler preview screen resizes images to fit the pane. Is that the case? I’d really love to be able to see it at actual size in the preview pane.

That’s correct. If the image (at normal size) is too large to fit, EagleFiler will scale it down. I’d like to make this an option at some point.

That would be great! Either that, or (or and) a wide view (right side preview pane) option would make it much easier to work with larger images.

EagleFiler 1.5.4 adds the RespectImageDPI esoteric preference, which can be used to work around image files that do not have the proper resolution set.