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skim question

Since there seem to be Skim devotees here, and there’s no Skim forum, can someone answer a question that’s bugging me: How do you get highlighted notes to print in a skim file? It just happens in PDFPen; Skim seems to print the original document, and there are no relevant options on the “print” window.

As far as I am concerned, you have to export the file as PDF with Embedded Notes by going to File -> Export (control+command+s) and selecting File Format. After that you can print it out. Is that what you meant? SL

See https://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/skim-app-users

I submitted a question to that listserv and never heard back.

Thanks–I’ll try the exporting. (Or just switch over to PDFPen, to avoid that extra step. I like Skim better in some ways, though.)

AFAIK, notes appear by default when printing to paper or to any of the PDF services. However, if the color is light, the notes might not be very visible on paper.


Wow, you’re right–I can see some faint traces of highlights in 300 dpi mode, but, oddly, none at all in 600 dpi. Even at 300 it’s is too faint to be useful on my printer.

I guess I’ll stick with PDFPen, which I bought for other features but works pretty well as a general reader. (Very annoying that it doesn’t let you use the space bar to move from page to page, for instance …) There are also some built-in scripts for PDFPen in Eaglefiler.