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Skydrive compatibility / issues?

I’m finding the Office 365 offer of new copies of Office for multiple computers plus 27 GB of storage for $99 annually pretty tempting. That’s what I pay for Dropbox alone.

Is Eaglefiler just as compatible with SkyDrive as it is with Dropbox?

EagleFiler itself should work with SkyDrive the way it works with Dropbox. However, in my brief testing it looks like SkyDrive has some limitations that Dropbox doesn’t:

  1. It does not preserve file permissions. (On my Mac, it make a plain text file executable and changed the write privileges.)
  2. It does not preserve Finder/EagleFiler labels.
  3. It does not preserve extended attributes (which includes OpenMeta tags).

There is probably more metadata that it doesn’t preserve; I have not tested everything.

Hmm, I don’t use labels much, except for read/unread, but what you say suggests Dropbox is more reliable.

Does anyone have experience with SkyDrive speed of syncing? Is it noticeably slower?

By “labels” I mean the colored labels that you see in the Finder. EagleFiler tags such as “read” and “flagged” are stored in its database and so would not be affected. If SkyDrive loses the OpenMeta tags, EagleFiler will restore them automatically.