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slightly OT: Eaglefiler-like programs for PC?

I’m an EF devotee but also use a PC laptop. Is there an analogous program for PC’s? OneNote sounds like it has some similarities, though I gather it’s more of a note-taker than file-storer.

(I wish I could afford multiple macs, in which case I’d try to sync EF across my machines, but alas, it’s not the case.)

Just before joining Mac & EagleFiler, I used “kamicopi” as similar application in Windows world.

It is popular for Japanese people since 1999. It’s international version is distributed now. Of course, just for your information.


Thanks. Can I assume that the software is more solid than the English on the web page? (From the FAQ: “How long can I use ‘free of charge version’?” " Long since ago.")

English version is still in the alpha version and has some trouble now, however, Japanese version is far more solid. I really use it for seven years and have built my database with ~24000 items and with ~4.2 GB.

As it employs Windows echo-file system, all the items remained as it is (with directory/file structure) even if I met to have trouble with this soft.

This point is similar to EagleFiler and is the most important reason why I have selected EagleFiler in Mac world. My recent task is data transfer from KamiCopi (Windows XP [Guest]) to EagleFiler (OSX [Host]) via Shared folder.

KamiCopi is shareware with ~$25 and KamiCopi Lite is freeware forever.

> KamiCopi is shareware with ~$25 and KamiCopi Lite is freeware forever.

Sorry, above is for Japanese version. I don’t know for International version, of course.

I’ve never used OneNote (Win only), but I do use Curio, which does a number of things like note taking, outlining, mindmaps - I’d put it down as a white board app. I’ve since learned that Win to Mac users who previously used OneNote seem to think Curio is the same kind of beast (some say Curio is even better).

Bottom line - OneNote, I think, is something completely different than EagleFiler.

OneNote is a note taking solution geared around the concept of a notebook. Each entry is a page. You can put a link to a file on a page, and that is about the end of the similarities to eaglefiler. The most common program I equate OneNote to is Circus Ponies Notebook. The problem I have with these two systems is that all my notes are caught up in a proprietary file type, while eaglefiler uses Standard file type (rtf) and folder for organization. Also I like how EagleFiler gives me capabilities without forcing me to use them.

Wonderful tool