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Slow load times

I’ve noticed that SpamSieve is taking an enormously long time to load initially. Before, it would take 10-15 seconds to load when launching Mail. Now, it’s 60-90 seconds. Could something have gotten corrupted? Is this a Mavericks issue?

Note: This is only happening when launching for the first time after a reboot. If I close Mail and relaunch, SpamSieve only take the 10-15 seconds to launch.

My guess is that there is a problem with your Mac OS X address book, but if you send in a sample report I can take a closer look.

Thanks for sending the sample reports. It looks like the delay is due to a problem with the system address book. It is very slow to load the contacts images that SpamSieve uses for Growl notifications. You can click this link to tell SpamSieve to skip loading the images. This should make it much faster.