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Slow records list scrolling performance


I’m trying out EagleFiler and am really liking it so far! The one issue I’m having is scrolling in the records list is really laggy, even in test libraries with only a few documents (e.g. new library with 10 PDF files). This isn’t an issue if the record list view has no files or if there are 1-2 files/folders. My Mac is fast (SSD, 16GB RAM) so I’m not sure why I’m getting this UI lag. I read the manual and played around with the esoteric preferences to disable folder file size computations and some other stuff, as advised. I tried reinstalling from scratch and making sure only one library is open at a given time. Any tips or pointers would be great.


Maybe I’m misunderstanding, but how can you even scroll with 1–2 or even 10 files? Wouldn’t they all be shown in the records list simultaneously? Is your window very small?

Please see this page for how you can record a sample while scrolling so that we can see why it’s lagging. Then send a couple sample reports to me via e-mail. Thanks!

Thanks for the quick response, Michael! I will follow up with an email that includes the activity monitor sample. It seems that scrolling increases CPU usage in activity monitor quite a bit…it reaches about 90% usage for me.

The issue happens when the window and number of files are small, but even with a large window size, you can tell the UI frame rate is extremely low because the rubber banding effect is slow.

Thanks for sending the sample. It doesn’t look like EagleFiler itself is getting stuck anywhere, but it seems to be spending a lot of time waiting for the system to draw the table rows. It’s not clear to me why that is. It also looks like you have the Source URL column shown, and that can really slow things down because the URLs have to be fetched from disk. I recommend that you hide that column and see whether that helps. If not, please send me another sample log.

Thanks Michael! I hid several columns, including source URL, and that helped tremendously! There’s still a bit of lag so I sent you another process sample in case you can think of any other tips.

Thanks. I don’t see any other quick fixes here (unless you want to hide more columns), but I’m in the process of doing some more long-term optimization work that I think will help with this.