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Smart Folder Action ?

I’ve setup a Smart Folder named “Move Fin” with the following: On the Conditions tab, Search inside: Records for Any Filename containing “Fin”. The Actions tab includes the addition of several tags and Move to: “Financial” (a folder within the Records Library).

My expectation is that when I put a file (containing “Fin” in the filename) on the Drop Pad, it will be imported into ‘Records’ and then the ‘Move Fin’ smart folder will, automatically, apply the tags and move the file into the ‘Financial’ folder. This does not happen, despite the fact that the ‘Move Fin’ ‘Condition’ tab states: “Search inside: ‘Records’”.

If, however, I manually move the file from ‘Records’ and drop it on ‘Move Fin’ the file is both tagged and moved appropriately.

What am I missing or is this the way it is supposed to work?


Although I can see how a Mail-like system of rules would be useful, the way it’s designed to work is that the smart folder actions are applied when you drag and drop a record in the library onto the smart folder.

So, in order for Actions to be triggered, a file must be manually dropped on the Smart Folder? If so, how should I interpret ‘Search inside: <folder name>.’ ?



The Conditions of the smart folder control which records are shown when you click on it. The Actions of the smart folder control what happens when you drag records into it. “Search inside” is part of the conditions and has no effect on the actions.