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Smart Folders - could this be a feature?

I use Journler and one of the features it has is the Smart Folder. These folders allow you to collect via a selection criteria documents of your choice based on tags, names and so on. Would that be a possibility for the folders in the efiler?
What about being able to tag the folder and then having any future documents that get filed in that folder receive the properties(i.e. tags, color, etc) of the containing folder automatically when they get dropped in?
I also noticed that you can tag a folder while the folder is in the viewer but once you move a level up, the tag doesn’t show any more in the tag viewer when you highlight the same folder but this time is on the left pane? Is this a bug?
By the way, I appreciate your program very much, as many others said, I paid for it within minutes of trying it, very valuable and easy to use.
Thanks you.

Yes, smart folders are near the top of my to-do list.

I haven’t decided exactly how to handle this yet, but it’s under consideration.

No. The tags bar is considered to be part of the record viewer. So it always shows the tags for the selected record in the records list, never for the source list. This way there’s never any ambiguity about which record the tags apply to.

EagleFiler 1.4 adds support for smart folders and smart folder actions.