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smart folders & editing

I like to set up Smart Folders with names like “unFrom” and “unTagged”, which automatically find all the files in my collection that are in need of updated metadata. This generally works with one little caveat. EagleFilter automatically refreshes the smart contents at some periodic interval (N seconds?). If I happen to be working in a Smart Folder named something like “unFrom” and I edit the From the Info pane, than about 1 in 5 edits is truncated while I’m typing, as the view refreshes and the file I’m editing is removed from that view.

It sure would be nice if that refresh didn’t, until after I had finished editing. If this were a web form, I’d suggest waiting for an onChange() event instead of polling.

FYI, there should already be a built-in Untagged smart folder.

EagleFiler refreshes immediately whenever you commit a change, i.e. by tabbing out of the From field or making a different window frontmost. If you’re just sitting there typing in the From field, it shouldn’t commit. Are you doing anything that might be causing it to think you’re done editing?

Video showing it happening
A video showing it happening: http://youtu.be/SIVaG3wcJbw

My workflow is as follows:
Select a PDF
Edit data in Info -> From
Cmd-Cntrl-I to jump down to the next record (and edited one disappears)

What should happen is that nothing should happen to the record until after I exit the From field (via Tab, et al, as you described).

I know that I can also edit the From field in top right pane, and it works properly there, but there’s no way to get from the From field in the currently edited record to the next one.

I presume you mean Command-Control-Down Arrow, i.e. Go > Next Record?

What you are saying above is the way that it’s designed to work. By changing to the next record, you are committing the changes in the current field, just as if you had clicked on the other record in the list. In other words, by repeating those steps, you should be able to edit the From of each record in sequence. At least, that’s what I thought you were trying to do since you referred to getting to the From field of the next record. It’s not clear to me why you don’t want it to refresh the list after you finish editing the From.

Yes, Cntrl-Cmd-Down Arrow (Go -> Next Record) is exactly what I mean. That’s exactly what I want it to do. However, during step 2 (Edit data in Info -> From field), the record will “Refresh” while I’m still typing in the From field.

In the process of getting downsampled for posting to YouTube, it’s not so easy to see what’s happening in that video. What happened is:

I look at a Costco receipt, edit via the Workflow, and the next document is for Castleberries. As I begin typing c-a, the document disappears from the list and I’m left without an active document. The rest of the letters end up being interpreted as navigation commands. This happens on about 1/5 of the documents while editing in the Info -> From field.

If I just edit in the top right pane (not in Info popover), then it works correctly. But that’s troublesome too, as I have to click (to select), wait a second (so it’s not a double-click), and then click again to edit.

Thanks for clarifying. I think I understand the bug now, and I will try to find a fix.

The workaround I’d suggest would be to create a tag called Working. Drag the unFrom records to the tag. Then have the tag selected while you’re editing the From fields in sequence with the Info window. When you’re done, delete the records from the tag.

This is fixed in EagleFiler 1.6.2.