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Smart Folders: Search Contained Folders/Mailboxes/Tags

Hey there,

Just found this app (can’t believe I’ve missed it for so long) and am pretty excited about it. The tag hierarchy in particular is a big deal to me, and the “Search Contained Folders/Mailboxes/Tags” is thoughtfully implemented.

Is there a way to use that feature when creating a Smart Folder? That is, with this tag hierarchy:

  • Friends
    • Bob
    • Steve

I’d like to be able to create a Smart Folder that shows me all flagged items inside “Friends” (whether in Bob or Steve). I can do this manually by scoping to Friends, then searching for tag:flagged in the search bar (and enabling “Search Contained Folders/Mailboxes/Tags”), but having parity between manual search and Smart Folders would be helpful.

I also realize I could manually select both tags – Bob & Steve – in a Smart Folder, but this would require me to remember to update the Smart Folder any time I added a new person.

Basically, I’m asking for the “Search Contained Folders/Mailboxes/Tags” feature inside smart folders. Any thoughts?

That said, maybe I’ve missed it, and even if I haven’t, this is a fantastic tool!



I assume you mean that Bob and Steve are children of Friends:

  • Friends [LIST]
  • Bob
  • Steve



That’s not currently possible, but it’s a feature I’d like to add.

Another way to do this would be to manually select Bob and Steve and apply the Friends tag to all of their records. Then you would be able to use Friends in the smart folder, or just multi-select Friends and flagged.

It should be the time to add the Smart Folder, isn’t it Michael? :slight_smile: