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Smart Folders Workaround

I think I may just need to wait for smart folder functionality to be implemented, but I’m hoping there’s a workaround that would get me what I need. I’m currently starting my 30-day trial, and EagleFiler has flawlessly imported over 1200 items from my Yojimbo library, eliminating some duplicates. I’m excited that that EF stores its files in a plain-vanilla folder structure, and I love the duplicate detection. But without some way to do this, I can not use EF.

I need to select the tags “Fruit” and “Pastry” and have it be an “AND” – only list items with both the “Fruit” and “Pastry” tags. The current command-click method to select multiple tags does an OR, which isn’t helpful in my use-case. (Could there be a preference to make it be an “AND”?)

Is there any way with searches or multiple steps to do an “AND” search on tags?

(The actual use case is for a database of news stories. So if I select “fire” and “California,” I need fires in California, not every fire everywhere and everything that mentions California.)

This is actually easy to do. In the search bar at the top you would type:

“tag:Fruit tag:Pastry” (with ‘Anywhere’ selected) and it will do an AND filter, just as you want. You could also choose to search Tags only and type in “Fruit Pastry”; this would give you the same results.

I’m looking forward to when you can save these types of searches as a Smart Folder.

Smart Folders on the roadmap?
I understand that smart folders are on the to-do list, but is it possible to have some clarification on whether they can be expected in the near future or not?

(This is an entirely selfish motivation: I’ve got over 2GB of work email that I am running trials on moving out of GyazMail, and the way I see it nested Smart Folders are a dealbreaker.)


Smart folders will not be in 1.3, which is the release I’m working on finishing up now. The current plan is for them to be the most important new feature in 1.4.

I don’t understand—as far as I know, GyazMail doesn’t have smart folders.

Secondly, it would help if you could provide some examples of the kinds of smart folders that you want to create, and what you mean by nesting.

Thank you

Sorry – I will clarify: indeed Gyaz does not offer Smart Folders, which is a big contributor to me wanting to move my data out of it. Smart Folders is what I need ot have in the destination environment.

My work revolves around identifiable themes, which I suspect is the case with most people. I would therefore like to have the ability to save Smart Folders within plain-vanilla folders corresponding to these themes. (Not to have smart folders within smart folders, which I suspect is what you thought I was implying). Often simple functionality elements like the ability to group smart folders can have a huge impact in the usability of an app.

Thanks for the clarification. I do plan to allow grouping of smart folders (like in Mail) although that might not be in the first release.

EagleFiler 1.4 adds support for user-created smart folders.