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Smart Group Option - for GTD / Location

Hi !

It’s great that the ‘Date Modified’ can be changed. But the 2nd selection (is after / before) is a bit limited for my purposes.

If the 2nd list could be expanded by " Tomorrow / Week Ahead / 2 Weeks Ahead / 1 Month Ahead) " it would allow a simple, but effective GTD implementation and allow me to use only 1 programme instead of two.

I could use labels for Contexts and Tags for months (01, 02 …12).

For my (and that of many others that need a bit of task/project organisation, this would be enough.

And since I am making wishes: The ability to move Smart Groups to right below “Records”.

Would that be difficult to implement or can I hope ?


Yes, I plan to add support for relative dates in smart folders.

Well, right now, if you collapse Records, the only thing between Records and Search For is Trash. Maybe I don’t understand what you’re requesting.

Location of Smart Folders
Thanks for the answers !

I hadn’t realised that the Smart Groups are on the same level as Records. I wanted to keep Records open and have Smart Groups at the top of the Records list, but keeping Records collapsed is no problem and would solve my ‘problem’.



I went to add a smart folder to capture “files modified in the past 24 hours” (or “in the past [1] day” or whatever) and found I can’t do that with EF 1.4.12.

Came to the forum to see if it’s possible and found this thread. Please add me to the list of requestors for this feature.


This is not currently possible (it’s on the to-do list), but EagleFiler does have a built-in smart folder for showing the 25 most recently modified files.

Thanks, Michael.

I did see that built-in. It’s what prompted me to attempt to create my own.

I’ll use that for now.