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Snow Leopard Broke SpamSieve

Spamsieve no longer launches with Mail and the training lists is no longer in the Mail menu.

SpamSieve works great with Snow Leopard. If the SpamSieve commands do not appear in Mail’s Message menu, that means that Mail didn’t load SpamSieve’s plug-in. Try re-installing it. Also, if you used an application “slimming” utility it may have damaged your SpamSieve application file, so you would need to download a fresh copy.

is SpamSieve open?
I discovered after upgrading to Snow Leopard that SpamSieve no longer opens automatically whenever I start Mail. In earlier versions, I believe I remember that whenever I opened Mail, that SpamSieve would open, too. Now I have to manually open SpamSieve. All my mail was going to the Spam folder, too. Check to make sure that SpamSieve is open on the Dock.

SpamSieve is only supposed to open when Mail receives new messages and applies the “SpamSieve” rule to them.