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Snow Leopard

SPam Sieve does not start up when using mail in Snow Leopard for me. Anyone else? I tried to reinstall the plug in but it did not help.

Also the sort by color option does not stay in place on Snow Leopard. It always reverts to date in my spam mailbox. If I change it to sort by color and look at another mailbox, when I come back to the spam mailbox it is sorted by date again.


No one else has reported this type of problem, so please be more specific. What did you do in Mail that you expected would cause SpamSieve to launch? Does it filter the messages properly when it’s open?

Yes, this appears to be either a bug in Mail or an intentional change on Apple’s part.

Spam Sieve used to launch when I started my Apple Mail application. Now under Snow Leopard it looks like I have to launch it after I have started my Mail app?

Oh, yes it seems to be filtering messages as before when Spam Sieve is running. It just does not start by itself when the mail app is launched as before.

Please see Why doesn’t SpamSieve launch when I open my mail program?. Why do you “have” to launch it yourself? Does it not auto-launch when new messages arrive that need to be spam-filtered?

I am also having the same problem. Spamsieve used to open when I launched Mail and had new email messages. however, after installing Snow Leopard, it does not automatically open anymore.

any ideas?

Do you see the SpamSieve training commands in Mail’s Message menu? Please check that you have a SpamSieve rule in Mail’s preferences and that it’s at the top of the list.

Similar problem in Entourage webedition
After upgrading to snow leopard (which BTW was soooo easy!) I installed the new Entourage 2008 Web Edition from Microsoft’s “mac” site. When starting Entourage it did not automatically start spam sieve, I then reinstalled scripts etc and still it does not start automatically as it used to. I’m not certain that it is strictly a snow leopard issue since I also updated Entourage to the new web edition, it could be a specific web edition problem.
If I start SpamSieve manually it functions without a problem. It is a minor (cosmetic) problem since I rarely shutdown my Entourage and starting SpamSieve manually is not a big hassle. Just thought you might be interested.

It’s not supposed to start automatically unless there are new messages for it to filter. You may want to check the Entourage setup to make sure the rules are in order.

Entourage compatibility

As far as you know now, is Spamsieve working with Snow Leopard? If it does appear to be working fine with SL, I suggest you submit an update to the software compatibility list at: http://snowleopard.wikidot.com/


Yes, hence the blog post.

I’ve done that several times now, and continue to monitor the page, but for whatever reason (wiki editing difficulties, I think) it keeps getting changed back to not-compatible even though no one has actually reported any problems. I would suggest that people look on the individual developers’ pages rather than relying on the wiki.