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SnowLeo: Spamsieve's license gone ??

Beside a lot of other problem installing SL I reached the point of " now it seems to be OK".
BUT starting Mail, SpamSieve(2.7.1) went into Demo mode and requested me to buy a license?!
I’ll checked your site and downloaded 2.7.5. After installing SL told me SpamSieve needs Rosetta, so I added Rosetta.

SpamSieve still still requests the license AND crashes more the 80% of starting attempts.

I checked the “com.c-command.SpamSieve” file and if was of course changed with todays date.

?!!? helpless ?!

$regs snoopje

This is probably not what you wanted to hear, but it sounds to me like there are serious problems with your Snow Leopard installation. I would recommend doing a full backup, erasing your drive, and then reinstalling from scratch. Some notes:

  1. SpamSieve is fully Intel-native and does not require Rosetta. (I just tested this on a Snow Leopard machine without Rosetta installed, just to be sure there wasn’t anything wrong with the build.)
  2. If SpamSieve went into demo mode, that means its preferences file was damaged or deleted. That could indicate disk problems.
  3. I can count on my fingers the total number of crash reports I’ve received from people using SpamSieve 2.7.5 on Snow Leopard. As far as I can tell, none of these were from you. Did the SpamSieve crash reporter come up? In any case, please e-mail the crash logs from the folder:
    so that I can see why it’s crashing.

Thanks for sending the crash logs. It looks like SpamSieve’s corpus file was damaged. Please try holding down the Command and Option keys when launching SpamSieve and then click Reset Corpus. You will then need to re-train SpamSieve. Or, you could try restoring the file:

/Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/SpamSieve/Corpus.corpus

from a backup, if you have one.