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Software distribution dmg, including Applications folder

I want to create a software distribution dmg similar to the one DropDMG is distributed with where the user drags my application icon to the Applications alias in the dmg to install.

I am using the layout feature and have set up my icons and added the Applications alias in the desired location. Everything looks good.

I copy my files to a temporary distribution folder and run DropDMG from the command line referencing my layout.

Everything works for my icons, readme etc.

But I cannot get the Applications folder to show correctly. What do I put in my distribution folder so that the Applications folder is included correctly in the final dmg?


There are two ways to do this:

  1. Drag your actual Applications folder (not an alias) into the layout. The name will appear in italic. DropDMG will then create a symlink to /Applications
    when it applies the layout to the final disk image. 1. Create your own symlink in your source folder. DropDMG will copy it to the disk image and treat it like any other file in the layout.