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Some problems using the new release

Awesome work with the new release.

But I’ve run into some issues in my short time playing with it.

  • The first webpage I added with ‘f1’ caused EN to hang. The beach ball spun and spun. I had to force quit. When I opened it back up it spent about 10 minutes reindexing. The reindexing didn’t happed on subsequent launches.

  • When adding some text using the “Import Text” service I received this error:

Internal Error while Adding RTF With Attachments (RTDF) Document to library
UnicodeDecodeError: ‘ascii’ codec can’t decode byte 0xd2 in position 64: ordinal not in range(128)

I reselected the text and imported again and it worked.

  • When editing the name of a file in the inspector, EF hung up. The activity viewer reported that it was estimating the time to make the change. I had to force quit again.

None of these errors caused the app to crash so I don’t have anything concrete to give you.

Please send your ~/Library/Logs/EagleFiler.log file to eaglefiler@c-command.com. That may help me track down some of these problems.

The reindexing is probably normal. The index format changed in 1.1, so all the indexes need to be rebuilt.

For the hangs, my guess is that there’s some kind of threading bug related to EagleFiler doing more than one thing at a time. It would help if you could let me know which items you see in the Activity Viewer when it hangs. (Renaming a file does not add an item to the Activity Viewer, so it must have been doing something else.)

I think I’ve found the causes of this and the hangs, and they’ll be fixed in the next release.

Hi Michael,

I’m not sure you need this, but I think I’ve been able to reproduce the hangs using the inspector.

It’s a timing thing so it can’t be consistently reproduced. It looks like the hanging happens when you edit the document title in the inspector and then quickly edit the document name. If you edit the title quickly enough, while the document title change is still being indexed by EF, you get hung. The indexing of the name change hangs because the title indexing hasn’t finished.

Thanks. I think I’ve already got this fixed internally. I’m planning to ship a bug fix release soon, but if the hangs are really bothering you please e-mail me and I’ll get you a beta build.

Not a huge problem now that I’m aware of the cause and how to avoid them in the future. I just wanted to throw it out there in case it would help anyone out.

This was fixed in EagleFiler 1.1.1.