Some sieved messages stay in (or return to) inbox

After working without a problem for weeks, this behavior just started a few days ago. Some spam that has been examined by SpamSieve and colored by “spaminess” are either staying in (or returning?) to my Inbox as read. I figure I must have screwed something up by changing a setting somewhere and am wondering whether it might just be time to uninstall and start over. I hate to do that, but SpamSieve has become my MOST VALUED piece of software when it is working and my most frustrating when it isn’t. I get lost in all the instructions and settings and special circumstances. (It could happen to you, too, when you are in you are also a septuagenarian!)

All SS Rules from Version 2 are disabled
Mac Mini
Sonoma 14.1.1
SpanSieve 3.0.2

There’s no reason that already filtered spam messages should ever move out of the Junk mailbox on their own. SpamSieve never reprocesses such messages.

Are you sure that’s happening or is it just that new messages are being colored as spam but left in the inbox?

If you select a spam message and choose Train as Spam does it move to Junk?

I do not recommend uninstalling and starting over. That just complicates things further.

Sorry it’s taken me so long to pick up this thread again.

Most of the spam messages that appear in my inbox now have been marked as spam and colored as spam but not moved into the Junk mailbox. Any ideas what I’ve done wrong this time?

I’m spending way too much time on this. Do you know of any “Spamsieve Experts” I could hire to figure things out? I’m now 76 and my working memory is getting lousier by the day, it seems, so I easily get confused by complex systems. I’m dealing with 2 Macs, 4 Gmail accounts, one major email account hosted by Hover, an iPhone, my wife’s Gmail accounts and her laptop and iPhone, 2 Apple IDs (hers and mine) iCloud and Family Sharing. It’s all just too much.

I’m not totally incompetent; just terminally confused.

Remember this when you’re my age! IJBOL

Please make sure the each of your mail accounts is configured to use a server Junk mailbox in Mail. Otherwise, you may run into a Mail bug where it does not move the message.

Is SpamSieve installed on both Macs?

Looks like this was the problem overall. I found one instance of the wrong Junk having been selected. With that sorted, things are generally working as expected again. Thanks!

Now I want to set up my main Mac as a drone for remote training. I read in the instructions:

" 1. If you are using iCloud to sync your Mail rules between multiple Macs, make sure that both the SpamSieve and Remote Training rules are unchecked on all the Macs except for the drone."

I’m now working with 3 gmail accounts (IMAP), 1 hover account (IMAP), and iCloud. SHOULD I be using iCloud to sync Mail rules between multiple Macs? Should I be using something else? Should I not sync at all?

You guessed it. I failed iCloud 101.

It doesn’t make a difference to SpamSieve.